XCEDA Mortgage Income Fund

The Fund is an open-ended pooled Mortgage trust in which Investor money is combined to make a pool of Loans which are secured by Mortgages and Caveats over Real Property in favour of the Fund. The income from the Loans is combined with income from cash holdings and any other investments to generate monthly Income Distributions to Investors.

In a pooled fund the Manager selects a range of securities and sets the LVR for each security without any input from Investors, with a loss arising from any Mortgage or Caveats security being shared by all Investors.

Investors’ money is pooled together and invested collectively. Each Investor has a proportionate share in the entire investment portfolio rather than a specific interest in any particular investment.

As Investors leave the day-to-day investment decisions to the Manager, the experience of the Manager and its ability to manage the Loans and the Fund’s liquidity position is key to the success of the Fund.

Investment in the Fund is only available to Wholesale Clients. Wholesale Clients are wholesale clients as defined in the Corporations Act.

The Xceda Mortgage Income Fund is an unregistered MIS under the Corporations Act.

Xceda Capital Pty Ltd (AFSL No. 504577) is the Manager of the Fund. Xceda Investment Services Pty Ltd is the trustee of the Fund, and is an Authorised Representative of Xceda Capital Pty Ltd.

Fund Investment Returns

Target Rates of return to Investors up to 10%, paid monthly or quarterly
XCEDA Mortgage Income Fund Interest Rates
Minimum Investment Term Rate
12, 24 or 36 Months 10.00% p.a.

Target Rates as at 1st June 2022*

*The rates are target investment returns and not guaranteed.

The Target Rates are updated on www.xceda.com.au from time to time.

The rates are net of all fees and charges, interest is paid monthly or quarterly (or compounded quarterly).

Key Highlights of the Fund

Type of Investment Managed Investment Scheme offering fixed interest returns to sophisticated and wholesale investors.
Manager XCEDA Capital Pty Ltd.
Custodian XCEDA Investment Services Pty Ltd.
Auditor Hall Chadwick.
Objectives To invest in short to medium term loans secured by registered mortgages against residential, commercial, or vacant property and caveats to provide a fixed return for investors.
Choice of Investments Pools of loans selected by the Manager, secured by 1st and 2nd mortgages.
Investment Confirmation Once an application has been processed and accepted, XCEDA will issue an investment confirmation to an investor within 7 days.
Investment Strategy The Manager intends to offer mortgage and caveats secured loans to approved borrowers.
Investment Term Minimum 12 months.
Minimum Amount AUD $20,000.00.
Maximum Amount No Maximum.
Redemption of Units No early redemption is available.
Distribution The fund offers a targeted fixed rate of return.
Entry Fees NIL
Exit Fees NIL
Security Your investment is secured by way of registered mortgages and caveats held by the custodian/trustee XCEDA Investment Services Pty Ltd over the borrower's property.
Risks The risks to investors depend of the financial performance of the funds. The main risks to the business are market risks, default risk and property valuation risk.
Wholesale and sophisticated investors only This Offer is restricted to wholesale clients and sophisticated investors (within the meaning of the Act). You may qualify to invest in the Fund in the following ways: a. You are a professional investor (as this term is defined in the Act). b. You invest at least $500,000 into the Fund. c. You meet the minimum asset ($2.5 million of net assets) or income ($250,000 of gross income for the last two financial years) requirements set out in the Act. d. You otherwise satisfy us you are not a “retail client” for the purposes of Chapter 7 of the Act.

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